Appreciation of the arts and culture is woven into the historic tapestry that is Orangeburg County. Showcasing the talents refined by endeavors and by nurturing the crafted and natural beauty unique to our area, is and has been a proud tradition throughout our county.

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Visitors to Orangeburg County stopping in any town can explore an historic or architecturally appealing building, hear about a town’s famous son or daughter, admire scenic natural or manmade beauty, read about a heroic person or historic event, and of course there are the festivals unique to the county – from Branchville’s Raylrode Daze Festivul, as they like to spell it, to the annual Governor’s Frog Jump Festival in Springfield. And, like so many distinctly named events and sites, there is a good story behind it.

Springfield Frog Jumping Contest TD

Culture, tradition and customs abound throughout Orangeburg County. Residents can take enormous pride in where they live, the history, beauty and achievements that define their communities. There is much to be discovered and appreciated in every part of our county.